SNOWSHARK Metal Blade w/Snow Accessories Package

SKU: 004
The SnowShark is a the newest and most innovative snow shovel on the market.  It will make short work of hard packed snow with its unique shark tooth blade.  The teeth increase the impact pressure which allows the blade to get underneath the snow and pop it up.  Lets not forget that when you buy the SnowShark you are really getting two shovels in one for the same price as a standard single blade shovel.  With the ability to swivel from the shark tooth blade to the standard straight blade in seconds it is a no brainer.  Don't go another winter without the SnowShark and save yourself the headache of hard packed snow.
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    The SnowShark is a robust snow shovel that is made of high quality materials.  To start the shovel handle is made of grade A hardwood that is sure to surpass the life of the shovel.  The shovel head measures 18" and is made with very durable Polypropylene plastic that preforms very well in low temperatures buy maintaining its ability to flex and bend without breaking or cracking.  The shovel stands 4' tall with a very comfortable handle that includes a rubber grip.  Order yours today and save yourself the headache of hard packed snow.


    If your SnowShark is damaged when you receive it you will have 7 days to request a return.  To do so simpley send us a message in the Contacts section of our site and express that your shovel was delivered damaged.  Please provide your name, address, and a copy of your recipt.  We will then send you a new shovel and a shipping label for your return.  Please place the broken shovel in the box that your new shovel arrived in, re-tape the box, add the shipping label to the box, and ship it back.  You have 14 days to ship your return starting from the day it arives.  Upon us receiving the damaged shovel your return will be complete.  If we do not receive the damaged shovel or the shipping date is past 14 days on the return shovel you will be charged for a second shovel.  No refunds